Types Of Construction You Need To Know

Do you know the real definition of construction? Based on an expert is an activity to build facilities and what is piling up. In the field of architecture or civil engineering, construction is also known as a building or infrastructure unit in one or several areas. In summary, construction is defined as the overall object of the building consisting of structural parts. For example, the construction of a building structure is the overall form or structure of the building structure. Other examples are Highway Construction, Bridge Construction, Ship Construction, and others. We can meet construction needs with the help of CMI construction. Here are some types of construction that you need to know.

Building Construction
This one is the one we are familiar with. Construction of buildings occurs in all cities large and small. Starting from the construction of public facilities such as institutional buildings, educational institutions, and recreation areas. Construction on a building is usually planned by architects and civil engineers, while the materials needed are more emphasized on architectural aspects.

Engineering Construction
Road construction is a project that includes excavation, backfill, paving of roads, and construction of bridges and drainage structures. Road construction is usually planned by the local public works department and differs from building construction in terms of activity between owners, planners, and contractors.

Engineering construction is a construction that involves structures that are planned and designed specifically by experts and made to meet the needs of the community related to infrastructure. This type of construction is further divided into two parts, namely road construction, and heavy construction.

Meanwhile, heavy construction includes utility projects of a country such as dams, pipeline installations, transportation routes other than roads, water transportation, and air transportation. This construction is usually financed by the government or a collaboration between the government and the private sector.

Industrial Construction
Included in this industrial construction are usually industrial projects that require special specifications and requirements such as for oil refineries, heavy industry or basic industries, mining, nuclear. etc. Planning and implementation require precision and expertise, as well as specific technologies.

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